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Josh Miller/July 2021

Brand Names All Direct has been around since 2014.  No, we’re not a business that has been around for decades but we hold the same values as those once tried and true mom and pop businesses who helped America grow.  We support our customers across a variety of selling platforms to include our website,, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram and Poshmark.

Jake and I moved into key roles with BND “back then” and started selling the latest fashion, and we still do, but I also wanted to venture into and talk about my big passion, which is the outdoors.

My journey with Jake first started when Jake, now 22 years old, was in the third grade.  I had changed careers.  In my younger days I served as a Police Officer.  After working overseas in law enforcement for one year I decided teaching was in my future.  I received my Arizona certification and began working at a small, local private school.  Enter Jake in the third grade.  He is on the Autistic spectrum but is very high-functioning.  He’s become like a son to me now after so many years and he has grown tremendously from being an integral part of BND.

I had Jake in various classes until 8th grade when the school closed.  After speaking with his family it was decided I would teach/mentor Jake through his high school years where he graduated in 2018.  At that time I had decided I was unemployed until I was asked if Jake & I would like to take over Brand Names All Direct.  It had been stagnant and needed new life and Jake so we took it over.  Now, several years into this endeavor, BND continues to grow and we’ve entered the Affiliate Marketing business.  Some may think this to be a raw deal but it allowed Jake and I to venture into another revenue generator.  When a customer clicks and then purchases a product we recommend, BND gets a small percentage.  That’s it.  No slick sells.  No added charges.  No scam.  That small percentage is our “fee” for promoting certain products.

So what do we promote?  It will be interesting.  For Jake, he is all things Anime, Gaming, and Comicon and I hope to help him create reviews and information about his passions.  For me, only the finest outdoor gear, ideas, products, and services I come across.  I will never promote or otherwise support a product I don’t believe in or haven’t used.  Period.  And I’ve used a lot of gear.

From years of running, endurance running/racing, adventure races, mountain biking, law enforcement, service in the USMC with two combat tours, overlanding vast expanses of Arizona, Utah and Baja California, camping, and extensive international travel I can attest to gear that has worked well, or failed.  I look forward to sharing what I know.

With that, this is where you will find the rest of the BND story.  Our life, our passions, our past, and our future.  Wishing you and yours all the best – Josh & Jake


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