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Jake and Josh
Jake and Josh

Brand Names All Direct is powered by Josh & Jake who simply want the best for their customers.  We are about being better than the rest.  Buyers today are surrounded by e-commerce options and there’s only one way to stand out.  Great prices paralleled with great service.  When you email BND, Josh will reply.  When you place an order, Jake will fulfill it.  And, due to Jake’s Autistic challenges, we happily donate a portion of BND profits to charities who support research efforts in this area.

Josh and his wife have a daughter where they live and enjoy the Arizona outdoors.  As a former Marine with service in Desert Storm and later, Iraq, Josh’s outdoor adventures range from trail and endurance running, camping, overlanding, and mountain biking (psssst……….which is why he’s very excited about adding outdoor clothing to the product line).

Jake knows all things Anime, gaming, and comics.  He enjoys working out every morning and he, Josh and Josh’s daughter have ventured on a few camping trips.  Jake’s primary responsibilities with BND includes order fulfillment, product listings and inventory.

Josh & Jake first met in 2008 when Jake entered 4th grade.  Josh transitioned from law enforcement to teaching and began working with Jake.  When Jake entered high school Josh helped him graduate in 2018; the same year they became owners of Brand Names All Direct.  To date, BND has grown and we look forward to adding top outdoor clothing from the small biz/cottage shop manufacturers you do not hear about, but create phenomenal outdoor-inspired clothing.  So stay tuned to see what we can offer!

With that being said, thanks for stopping by and we appreciate your business!